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Tcpdump Tutorial With Examples

Tcpdump is a common packet analyzer that runs under the command line. It allows the user to display TCP/IP and other packets being transmitted or received over a network to which the computer is attached.[3] Distributed under the BSD license,[4] tcpdump is free software. Tcpdump works on most Unix-like operating systems: Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, DragonFly BSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OpenWrt, macOS, HP-UX 11i, and AIX. In those systems, tcpdump uses the libpcap library to capture packets. The port of tcpdump for Windows is called WinDump; it uses WinPcap, the Windows port of libpcap. I've read through a lot of how-to articles in the past. and this article "TCPDUMP Tutorial with Examples" is the most thorough, most intuitive articles that I've read.